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3 New Sustainable Insulations
September 22nd, 2022 9:50 AM

We have finally found some sustainable insulations to help us get rid of that nasty fiberglass insulation. You know the kind I’m talking about right? It’s itchy if it touches your skin and can create problems if it gets into your nose and mouth and is swallowed. And, did you see the best part in what I said? They are sustainable! That means we will be able to keep up with the amount of new homes being built, along with using natural products. 

First we have a soy based foam insulation. It is sprayed and will easily expand up to 100 times it's size. It does take time to expand and then harden which means that it will fill up the cracks. It does resist mold, fungus and rodents. Now, with all these pros it does come with a bit of a hike in pricing but in the end it will save you on your energy bills.

Up next we have wool, probably the most sustainable of all. Wool comes from sheep and they can be sheared and have a new coat ready to go in about six months. Wool is able to absorb water without compromising thermal efficiency. Basically, the wool can get wet and the fibers inside wool will warm up. This will help keep condensation down in the places the wool is inside your home. It is also safe to touch, non combustible and can even put itself out if there is a fire - just a few reasons this insulation is cool! 

Finally we have cotton, like the sheeps wool, it is incredibly sustainable. You can plant cotton, pick it and have a new crop pretty quickly. The big thing here is that it is healthy and doesn’t need warning labels. It also does not need a lot of energy to be produced. 

Hopefully with time and attention these types of insulations can become more widely used and the science we have can be combined to make them even better. 

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Posted by Patricia Persia on September 22nd, 2022 9:50 AMPost a Comment

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