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4 Ways To Make Working with AMCs Easier
August 11th, 2022 11:59 AM

Appraisers need to be able to work with AMCs and have a good relationship with them if they want to keep working with them. Building the relationship can feel overwhelming at times but if you keep find a way to make the following tips a part of your workflow you can reach and keep a high rating with them. 

Stay on top of business changes/updates. Depending on how you have things laid out you will need to update your licensing and your insurance every year, every other year or maybe it’s more time between. If for some reason you miss the update you will have a lull in receiving orders, the AMCs will have to send out reminder emails. It truly just adds more work to both you and the AMC. Also, if you decide to add a new coverage area or take away from what you currently cover it is important to update the AMCs as soon as possible. 

Appraisal updates are the bane of a lot of appraisers existence but it is helpful for the AMCs to get the information and know where they are in terms of closing out the appraisal request. Make sure you are letting AMCs know that the inspection has been scheduled and completed, if there are any delays in setting up the inspection, along with any other issues or questions you may have. The more they know the more they can help you with moving things forward. 

Do your best to not accept an appraisal and then turn it back. Making sure you are reading through everything, reviewing the area and request and being knowledgeable in the request is incredibly important. When you turn back an appraisal you have wasted not only your time but the time of the AMC as well. Don’t take this as a sign to never do this, because in all honesty there will be times you just have to in order to have the best report given - just make sure this is saved for emergencies, and make sure that you are explaining the issues you are having. 

When an AMC reaches out and knows they can expect a prompt response back it makes communication and trusting the appraiser that much easier. When you get requests for revisions or questions about the status of an appraisal, do your best to respond quickly and thoroughly. 

All relationships need communication, even ones in the workplace. If you have a good foundation of communication you can build everything else on that. 

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Posted by Patricia Persia on August 11th, 2022 11:59 AMPost a Comment

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