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How has Covid-19 changed Appraising
March 10th, 2021 11:52 AM
It is no surprise that Covid-19 has changed a lot of how we live our lives. And while it has made some changes in the appraising world, we would be lying if we said in some ways it has made it easier.

Prior to covid we typically did our interviews in person. This meant that people were put on the spot and while we love to believe we recorded every single thing someone said we are human and we can all make mistakes. Now that we are into the nitty gritty of covid and we have been using our new interview technique (old fashioned email), we have found that it makes things easier for us. It allows our borrowers and clients the time to really think about each question and it allows us to quickly print it out or pull it up on our computer for reviews.

I know we have talked in the past about whether we need someone there for the appraisal and while it’s totally fine it is important to stay out of the way. The covid standard of 6 feet away and trying to not mingle with people outside of your home has also made things a little easier for us when doing interior inspections.

There have been downsides for all of us but overall I think it has helped us streamline what we do and make it easier and more effective in the long run.

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Posted by Patricia Persia on March 10th, 2021 11:52 AMPost a Comment

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