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Language Matters
July 6th, 2022 11:18 AM

When describing neighborhoods it is quite easy to use subjective language. The neighborhood is family friendly or maybe not so family friendly. The neighborhood is crime ridden. That neighborhood is rich or poor. 

While those statements may be true to some it is not always true to others, which means it’s subjective. This is a big no no in the appraising world because, as appraisers, we are supposed to offer an objective view of the home and location. There are actually some specific verbages that we cannot use. 

For example “the community the home is in is luxurious”. The old saying is - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it rings true here. There will be some people who look at the community and say that's not good enough but there will be people who look at it and say it’s the most beautiful community they have ever seen. This type of language isn’t helpful in explaining the home or the location. 

Ways to stay away from subjective language can start with reviewing the fair housing act. Also, sticking with facts such as the architecture, school ratings, unit styles, condition of the housing, location of schools, stores and other conveniences can help keep you away from subjective language. 

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Posted by Patricia Persia on July 6th, 2022 11:18 AMPost a Comment

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