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Do Pre Built Homes Have Any Advantages?
August 5th, 2022 9:08 AM

There are a lot of reasons one might choose a site built home over a prefabricated home or vice versa. What we can tell you is that having a home pre built will have some pros that a site built home just cannot give to you. 

  1. You can be in your home quicker. Site built homes can take 3+ months to build due to a checklist of paperwork, designs, ordering the lumber and getting equipment, along with other things. A Prebuilt home can oftentimes take less than a month. 

  2. Quality control is typically better with prebuilt homes. This is because the home is being built in a controlled environment with craftsmen that do this job every single day. Add in state of the art tools for measuring, tracking and precision of each part and it becomes easier to skip past mistakes. 

  3. There is less waste involved. Manufactured and modular home companies tend to buy materials in bulk which means there is a promise of them coming back, which in turn means they tend to get the best product the material company has. Put this together with the controlled environment and you get less warped studs, damaged wood and in turn the cost to take care of waste is shrunk. 

  4. The cost is much less than a site built home. In some occurrences you can see almost a 50% decrease in pricing, of course this is not always true but even a 20% savings can add up quickly. We have covered a big chunk of what goes into saving but you can also account for the fact that with site built homes materials are often left out in different types of weather, can be stolen or vandalized and have multiple reasons for delays. 

  5. Probably the most important of all of the reasons is safety. Most prefabricated homes are designed for wind safety and energy efficiency. Manufactured homes are subject to laws which make things such as smoke detectors and other safety protocols a must.

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