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Navigating Delaware's Property Value Reassessment
January 30th, 2024 5:48 PM

Delaware's residents, particularly those in Kent County, find themselves at the forefront of a significant statewide reassessment of property values. The overarching goal of this reassessment is not to manipulate tax rates but rather to achieve a more equal distribution of the tax burden among property owners. Kent County, having fewer properties to review, stands ahead in this endeavor, nearing completion of the reassessment.

Tyler Technologies, the overseeing entity in Kent County, is actively engaged in the reassessment process, conducting informal hearings until mid-January. During this period, property owners receive "tentative values" for their properties, representing the assessed values within the ongoing reassessment. Residents must engage with this information actively and, if necessary, question the valuations to ensure accuracy.

In instances where property owners find discrepancies in the assessed values, an appraisal becomes a valuable tool. McFarlane's emphasis on accuracy underscores the importance of using an appraisal only when property owners believe the assessment amount is incorrect. In such cases, an appraisal serves as evidence to prove the actual value of homes to the county. As property owners navigate the complex landscape of tax reassessments, staying informed and understanding the role of appraisals becomes crucial. Proactivity in questioning valuations ensures that discrepancies, if any, are addressed, and an appraisal becomes a powerful instrument to demonstrate the accurate value of a property, aligning tax assessments closely with market realities.


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